St. Augustine

Sod is widely adapted to the warm, humid subtropical regions of the World.  It is
the most commonly used  Sod throughout Florida.   It can grow satisfactorily in
a wide variety of soils.  It is a warm season sod that has coarse, wide blades
and is a dense, dark green.  It has been popular along the lower Atlantic and
Gulf Coasts for several decades.

St. Augustine Sod is perfect for the Tampa area climate with its attractive color
and year round growth.  It is the most shade tolerant of all permanent hot
climate grasses and St. Augustine Sod performs well in wet soils too.  Because
it does grow quite fast, you will need to mow more often, but it is an easy grass
to mow.

There are several varieties of St. Augustine Sod such as:

Bitterblue St. Augustine Sod
Bitterblue has a fine, dense texture and dark blue-green color.  It has good cold
and shade tolerance.

Classic St. Augustine Sod
Classic has good cold tolerance and is being used in Florida and other states
as well.  It has good shade tolerance and is dark green in color.

Floratam St. Augustine Sod
Floratam is the most widely used St. Augustine Sod in Florida.  It is
coarse-textured and  grows vigorously in warm weather.

Palmetto St. Augustine Sod
Palmetto has shorter leaf blades, but is slightly larger than the dwarf St.
Augustine Sods, such as Seville.  It has a nice growth habit and does well in full
sun or partial shade, but not in dense shade.  It is a tad lighter in color than
other St. Augustine Sods.

Seville St. Augustine Sod
Seville is a dwarf, fine-leaved variety with a dark green color and a low growth
habit.  Seville performs well in both shade and full sun.
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